Accepted Papers for Symposium B

  • ´╗┐Artificial Intelligence Based Automation & Braking System For Cars Using Open Source BCI Technology
    Sibu C M, NIET; Sibu C M*, Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology

  • Design and Implementation of Dialysate Temperature Control System for Hemodialysis
    Mohamed Haroon Abdul Jabbar*, The University of Nottingham; Anandan Shanmugam S, The University of Nottingham; Poi Sim Khiew, The University of Nottingham

  • Authenticated Data Transmission From WBAN Using GCM
    Harshatha J*, Rajalakshmi Institute Of technology; Harini G, Rajalakshmi Institute Of technology

  • Raspberry Pi in Computer Science and Engineering Education
    Alex David*, Vel Tech University

  • Token Based Energy Aware Scheduling And Mapping On Multi-Core Embedded Systems
    Gomatheeshwari B*, SRM university; Selvakumar J, SRM university

  • Indefinitely Floating Black Box Recorder
    Devi Arumugam*, IFET College of Engineering

  • An Audio Aided Smart Vision System for Visually Impaired
    Ramisha K*, VIT university; Dr.Velmathi Guruviah, VIT University Chennai Campus

  • Advanced Tele surgery-An IoT Approach
    Shabana N*, VIT University, Chennai Campus; Dr.Velmathi Guruviah, VIT University Chennai Campus

  • Rice crop monitoring system-an IoT based mission vision approach
    Putha Tanmayee*, VIT university ; Dr.Velmathi Guruviah, VIT University Chennai Campus

  • Performance Analysis of reconfigurable architecture for automotive heterogeneous systems
    Srikanth S*, SRM University; Selvakumar J, SRM university

  • Performance improvement in soil quality measurement
    Poorna Lakshmi*, Thiagarajar College of Engineering

  • EEG-Based Brain Controlled Industrial Automation
    Swapnil Mishra*, VIT University

  • Real-time Action Recognition with Seismic Sensor Using K-Nearest Neighbor and Maximum Likelihood Approaches
    Anirudh Vajpeyi, CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation; Ripul Ghosh*, CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation; Aparna Akula, CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation; Satish Kumar, CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation; HK Sardana, CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation

  • XILINX System Generator Based FPGA Control of Power Flow for DC/DC Converters
    Rajesh Gupta*, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad

  • Flight Data Recorder Tracker Using Robotic Fish
    Deepak Raghul*, Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology; Bharathi Rajagopal, Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology; Bhuvaneshwari P, Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology

  • IOT based Multiple Patient Health Monitoring System
    Siraj Tamboli*, VIT University Chennai Campus

  • An Improved Algorithm For Estimation Of Multi Body Motion
    Raghavan K*, SRM University

  • Smart Power Plants with Soft Sensor for SO2 Emissions Monitoring using Internet of Things
    Sujatha Kesavan*, Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute

  • Android based Home Automation using Bluetooth and HC12

  • An IoT Based Smart Shopping Cart Using the Contemporary Barcode Scanner
    Prithvish Nembhani*, VIT University , Chennai Campus; Shraddha Agrawal, VIT University Chennai; John Sahaya Rani Alex, VIT University Chennai Campus

  • Advanced Real-Time Cargo Vehicle Tracking and Control System Using Wireless Technology
    Fenshia Singh, PSNACET; Gowsalya Devi A*, PSNACET

  • Guaranteeing Fault Tolerance in Real Time Systems under Error Bursts
    Jebin Thomas*, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore

  • NG Auditing Of Smart Building through IoT.
    Rohit Patil*, VIT

  • Smart Parking Using Iot
    Mahadev Desai*, VIT Chennai

  • Smart Bed For Health Monitoring
    Korupalli Rajesh Kumar*, VIT Chennai; Susan Elias, VIT University

  • A Dynamic Approach of Energy Saving Control Strategy in Smart Homes
    Dr. Sofana Reka S*, VIT University, Chennai Campus

  • Development of Wireless Wearable Physiological Signal Monitoring System
    Bashyam Sugumaran*, SRM University; Ramachandran Balasubramanian, SRM University; Apsara Baskaran, SRM University

  • Hand Gesture Controlled Robotic Upper Limb Prosthesis
    Kanchana D*, SSN College of Engineering; Vinoth Kumar Venkatesan, SSN College of Engineering; Gokularam I, SSN College of Engineering; Nithin Manoj, SSN College of Engineering

  • Intelligent User-friendly Crop Disease Identification System
    Ramesh Shunmugam*, VIT University

  • Automatic Traffic Diversion System using Traffic Signals
    Sandhya KS, VIT University; Karthikeyan B*, VIT University

  • Comprehensive review of ADAS techniques for non-structured environments
    Joseph Antony*, VIT

  • Voting System for India
    Shrikant Subhash Warghade, VIT University; Karthikeyan B*, VIT University

  • To Slenderize the Design Complexity in Embedded System Designs- An Experimental Design Approach
    Anandhi Govindarajan*, East Point College of Engineering and Technology

  • Human Robot interaction using 3 dimensional gestures
    Ponmani K*, Easwari Engineering College; Sridharan S, Easwari Engineering College

  • A Server Based Load Analysis of Smart Meter Systems
    Elakshumi S*, Easwari Engineering College; Ponraj A, Easwari Engineering College

  • Integration of the Smart Phone and IOT for Smart Public Toilet Hygiene Monitoring system
    Prashant Namekar , VIT University; Karthikeyan B*, VIT University

  • i-Care
    Haaris Moos*, VIT

  • Solar panel efficiency enhancer
    Abhay Nayak*, VIT University

  • Active seat belt system
    Shrikant Warghade, VIT, Vellore; Mani Kunnathettu Rajee*, VIT Vellore; Manu Vyas, VIT Vellore; Arunkumar Rameshwaran, NIT Tiruchirappalli

  • Design and Testing of Electromagnetic Actuator used in Axial Active Magnetic Bearing
    Sugadev M, Sathyabama University; Raghunathan P*, Sathyabama University

  • Efficient Smart card system for cashless travel
    Agnus Swarnanisha Lakshmi*, M.Kumarasamy college of engineering; Berlin A, M.K.umarasamy college of engineering

  • Lightweight Privacy-aware secure authentication for VANET
    Kirti Yadav*, SKNSITS, Lonavala,Pune; Vijayakumar Perumal, VIT Chennai

  • System-On-Chip Quad-Copter Controller
    Amer A Dawoud*, University of Southern Mississippi