Symposium D - Optical and Microwave Technologies


Optical and Microwave Technologies offer a wide range of significant technical and operational advantages in the communication ecosystem meeting complementary needs.

Breakthroughs in Optical Technologies have resulted in creating the backbone for reliable communication infrastructure, which offers high performance and low data loss. On the other hand, development in the field of microwave has been of high importance in satellite communications, radar signals and navigational applications in several critical sectors. Optical and Microwave technologies are fast emerging in healthcare applications to provide targeted and highly responsive treatments.

This symposium aims to provide an international platform for exchange of novel ideas and developments in research that open up opportunities in frontier technologies with wide ranging applications in this exhilarating field. Original contributions based on mathematical, experimental, design, development, simulation, application, test, measurement and similar studies are solicited for the presentation. The topics of interest includes, but is not limited to,

  • Optical Communication
  • Free Space Optical Systems
  • Optical Signal Processing
  • Visible Light Communication
  • Optical Interconnects for Data Centres
  • Fault Tolerance and Reliability
  • Green Photonics/Bio-Photonics
  • Holography and Applied Optics
  • MMIC Active and Passive Components
  • Metamaterial and Periodic Structures for Microwave Devices.
  • RF Based Energy Harvesting Systems
  • Antennas for Wireless Communication
  • Smart and Phased Array Antennas
  • EMI/EMC Measurement Techniques
  • Numerical and CAD Techniques for Electromagnetic Theory

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