Symposium E - VLSI DESIGN : Circuits, Systems & Applications


VLSI technology has made it possible to realize complex microelectronic systems with millions of rhythmically flipping transistors, integrated within a small area. The VLSI implementations are not just limited to laptops, smart phones, etc., but also have found its dominance in automobiles, wired & wireless communication, medical devices and many more. The diminishing price of electronic products for the last few decades is primarily due to the sustained advancements in the arena of VLSI design and technology. Recent developments in nano-scale devices such as FinFET and CNTFET, thrive to keep Moore’s law afloat for another ten years. As the device size shrinks below 10 nm the challenges in VLSI design also intensifies due to increased wire delays, fast edge packaging difficulties and power-area issues.

This symposium provides a platform for the industrial practitioners, innovative academicians and research scholars of similar interests to explore the contemporary and emerging trends/challenges in all avenues of VLSI Circuits, Systems and Applications. Original and unpublished papers in the all aspects of VLSI Design including but not limited to the following titles are solicited.

  • High Performance Arithmetic Circuits
  • Deep-sub-micron Design Issues
  • Low Power Design Techniques
  • High-level Synthesis
  • Analog & Mixed Signal Circuit Design
  • RF IC Design
  • Testing of VLSI Circuits
  • Verification Methodologies
  • Interface Electronic Circuits for Micro/Nano Sensors
  • SoC and NoC Design
  • Architectures for Hardware security, Cryptography and Watermarking
  • Reconfigurable Fabrics
  • Advanced VLSI Circuits involving CNTFET/FINFET/Memristors/Neuristors
  • On-Chip CMOS Memories
  • High Bandwidth Interconnects

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