Travel Assistantship Details

Region: USA

Title: American Astronomical Society -

National Science Foundation (NSF) grant


The AAS administers a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that provides funding for airline travel to international science meetings. This funding is available only to individuals at US institutions. AAS International Travel Grant funds are targeted for (in priority order) early-career scientists, scientists from smaller institutions or from underserved populations, and scientists whose participation at the meeting is important for US visibility. The AAS International Travel Grant Program receives proposals for review only two times per year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Occasionally an individual may discover a meeting opportunity or be invited to a meeting that would demand submission and review of a travel-grant proposal between formal review periods. Although the International Travel Grant Program does not encourage the submission of such proposals, if by circumstance such a proposal is received and the opportunity is significant for the applicant, the AAS Executive Officer will review the proposal and decide if funding should be provided.
Deadline: Call for proposal will be active soon.

Title: Mathematics Travel Grants for Women Researchers
by Association for Women in Mathematics

Association for Women in Mathematics along with the National Science Foundation offers the NSF-AWM Travel Grants. These grants enable women to travel, either domestically or abroad, to conferences in their fields. The grant can provide$1,500 for domestic travel and $2,000 for foreign travel. These conferences are important for career advancement, to gain a better understanding of her study, and diffusion of ideas and knowledge.
Open to: Women holding a doctorate (or equivalent) with a U.S. work address
Grant amount: Up to $2,300 for domestic travel and of $3,500 for foreign travel
Deadline: October 1 (Application sites open approximately 45 days in advance of the deadline.)

Region: New Zealand

Claude McCarthy Fellowships
Closing dates: 01/10/2016 12/05/2017


Category A To enable graduates of a New Zealand university, who are registered and enrolled for a doctoral degree at a New Zealand university, to travel overseas for short periods to:
  • present research work at conferences, and
  • conduct research contributing to the New Zealand doctoral degree for which they are enrolled.
Category A – Notes
  1. Awards shall normally not exceed $5,000 and are intended to supplement other sources of funding.
  2. Applications for conference attendance will be enhanced if combined with other research activities.
  3. Applications will only be considered from those who have been enrolled in their PhD programme for at least one year at the time of application.
  4. Awards shall normally be available for periods of up to three months. No award shall be made at any time for a period exceeding one year.
  5. Awards may be made to cover travel costs, reasonable accommodation costs, conference registration costs and, if appropriate, research related costs.
  6. Fellows must use the fellowship funds whilst registered for a doctoral degree or at the latest within four months of the date of submission.
Cora Wilding Memorial Award
Closing date: to be announced
Available to assist students reach their personal goal - education costs, student exchange, travel for conference etc
  • NZ Plant Protection Society Conference Travel Grant for Students
Closing dates: 15/05/2017
For students whose research papers have been accepted for the NZ Plant Protection Conference

Title: Computer Science Graduate Student Travel (CSGST) Award

Computer Science Graduate Student Travel (CSGST) Award

This award is for postgraduate travel related costs. It is offered to postgraduate Computer Science students who have accepted papers at peer-reviewed conferences listed by the CORE / ERA and have at least a B rank. (If the conference is not in the CORE list, a written justification of the need for participation has to be provided together with the application (this may include doctoral symposia)).

The CSGST Award is managed by the Department's Research Committee and is supported by contributions from PBRF funding.


The following students may apply:

MSc and Honours students - once during their course of study

PhD students - up to 3 times during their study with no more than one application per year


This award covers half of the travel costs, but no more than $500 for local travel, $1,000 for Australian travel, and $2,000 for Europe, Asia or America travel. The remaining sum must be covered from other fund sources (e.g. provided by the supervisor or other University funds).

Note: Awards are provided while the funds allocated for the current teaching year are still available. The award cannot be used after ending the study term and can be obtained only once per teaching year. Applications are considered in order of submission and will be considered until the fund is exhausted. Applications should to be submitted only after the paper submitted is accepted for presentation.

Region: Australia

Victoria University – Melbourne Australia
Secomb Conference and Travel Fund
The Secomb Conference and Travel Fund assists enrolled VU graduate research candidates to attend conferences to present a research paper. You can apply for up to one-third of the cost of travel and conference registration fees.
To be eligible for the fund at the time you submit your application and on the date the conference occurs you must:
be enrolled in a PhD, Masters by Research or the research component of a research Professional Doctorate at VU
have satisfactorily completed at least six months of full time enrolment (or its equivalent) from the date your candidature was approved
be attending the conference for the purpose of delivering a research paper by oral presentation (poster presentations will not receive funding).
Applications for funding must be submitted and approved before you attend the conference (retrospective applications will not be considered). There are three closing dates per year: 31 March, 31 July and 31 October.

Title: Melbourne Abroad Traveling Scholarships (MATS)

Melbourne Abroad Traveling Scholarships (MATS)
The Melbourne School of Engineering offers Melbourne Abroad Travel Scholarships (MATS) to enable engineering and IT research students to present their work at local and international conferences.
These scholarships have been made possible through University funding and the generosity of donors who have established the following trusts: The Stawell Scholarship; The Argus Scholarship; and W.E. & C.H.H. Cook Fund.
Students are able to apply for travel grants retrospectively (i.e. after they have attended the conference) and are also expected to apply for additional funding via other sources.

Region: Canada
Title: Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (SSTSG) 2016-17 URL:

The Shastri Indo Canadian Institute is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (SSTSG) 2016-17 for the scholars of its Canadian Member Institutions. SSTSG assists faculty members including graduate and post graduate students with travel subsidies to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars and academic meetings in India or Canada with a view to establishing institutional and scholarly linkages.
The objectives of SSTSG projects are to promote the mobility of scholars between India and Canada, to initiate or strengthen Canada-India knowledge exchange and partnerships, which support education cooperation between the two countries.

  • The Shastri Institute will provide up to CAD$1,000 to support the scholar’s international air fare (economy class).
  • Associated costs related to visas, meals, per diem and accommodation are not eligible under this grant.*

Number of Awards: 10 (ten)
The SSTSG award must be fully utilized between 15 November 2016 – 30 September 2017.
Application Deadline: 15 October 2016

Title: Ryerson University URL:

Ryerson International Initiatives Fund
The Fund seeks to provide financial support Ryerson academic units that wish to undertake strategic academic initiatives in India and other key economies around the world, by providing seed funding to support the strengthening of the partnerships and development of the initiatives between Canada and the developing world.
Value: Up to $15,000

Region: Belgium
Title: Ryerson University

Grants to attend scientific meetings abroad, within and outside Europe
The Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS gives “travel” grants to allow scientists to attend events in Europe or other parts of the world. The amount paid cannot exceed the cost of a return flight from Belgium to the destination. Grants are paid to researchers who are presenting a paper at a meeting of a clearly scientific nature. These meetings may be conferences, study groups or colloquia organized under the aegis of recognized scientific associations or bodies. Applications, made using forms available from the Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS, must reach the Fund at least two months before the date of the proposed scientific meeting if it is to be held in Europe, or three months if it is to be held outside Europe.
Deadline for application: 3 Months before commencement of the conference